Who we PLAY?



Chuck is a lanky teenager from a minor Asimar noble house of Azrael. Alabaster skin that twinkle like pinpoint stars slightly in the right light is a reflection of his celestial heritage. When he uses his sorcerous power his iris turns solid black as he draws on his aberrant infection. Chuck is highly educated but inexperienced in the ways of the world giving into both moments of false bravado and keen insight. Ultimately, Chuck seeks a way to return to his family, a commanding sister and loving mother.


Barakus Cirelle

Barakus is a Tiefling with purplish skin and horns that trace long salt-and-pepper hair back. Over the right eye is a black eye-patch with a red 5-pointed star on it. He has returned to his mortal coil and been forced to ally with the unlikely group while in the Undercrag. Waiting to return to his once powerful mantle in the Nine Hells he, haunted by the screams of his family slain at the hands of Baphomet cultist Minotaurs, remembers well the betrayal of being cast down by Asmodeus. A promise eternal, he will avenge his fallen kin.



Wild red hair that spills onto her shoulder is a outer reflection of Thistle's inner fiery passion. Since being "reborn" Thistle finds herself no longer feeling hunger or thirst. Sleep has also become an illusive commodity though nightly meditation bring some respite from the stresses of the day. The mushrooms that flowered in the wake of her rebirth though now gone have granted her strange fungal powers that provide a strange connection to her new home. Thistle's goal: find out more about herself, what has she become?


CALLUM o'sullivan

Callum is a human that was part of the army helping to defend the city of Virtue. During the fierce battle before the city was levitated into the heavens he received a large scar disabling both his eyes. Since the battle he has been working as a town guard honing his other senses to a knife edge. With his new perspective he is not as convinced of the motives of humanities savours, landing himself in the Undercrag for standing up for a group of Fae children. He ultimately seeks reunion with his wife and children.


Numble Tweekleton

Tweek is a stout gnome with a tummy that peaks from the bottom of his shirt. He has large and round ears that come to a pointed tip, missing on the left. His nose contains a prominent bridge set on a round and flushed face. Deep eyes shadowed with a bushy brow and tufts of grey surround a bald spot on his head. If not for the hair, wrinkles and liverspots you could mistake Tweek for a child. But his innocence and naivety is marred by cruelty endured and madness inflicted bound by keen intelligence.